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Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools of choice that are tax-funded and tuition-free. In Mississippi, they are open to all students residing in the school district where the school is located or in nearby C, D, or F-rated school districts. Charter schools are typically opened by community members, teachers, groups of parents, or charter management organizations after undergoing an application and approval process.

They are overseen by independent boards and have freedom from some traditional public school regulations. They often have a special curriculum or focus.

  • The Mississippi Charter Authorizer Board approves charter school applications by non-profit entities through an annual application and review process and reauthorizes schools every five years.
  • Charter schools have a limited number of available seats and must hold an annual lottery when applications exceed that number to randomly determine which students will attend. In Mississippi, student enrollment must reflect the population of low-income and special education students within the district where the school is located.

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